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Printing on packaging provides new EXPERIENCES IN CONSUMPTION

According to the consulting firm Smithers Pira, printing on packaging continues to grow and will represent 56.6% of the total value of the printing market in Europe in 2021. The economic recovery, the new tendencies towards the consumption of packaged foods, and the growth of added-value packaging will be the key....Read More


FOLDING PLASTIC CAPS and push-pull add value to the beverage sector

Although the format of plastic screw caps has many benefits, a relative weakness compared to sports-type caps is that it cannot be used for opening the bottles with one hand....Read More

Design & Marketing


The tendency to think packaging as being beyond its practical aspect continues to increase. With sustainable materials and a careful aesthetic development, the packaging grows to enhance the product ...Read More

Processes & Technologies

RECYCLING of multi-layer plastics

This is about complex packaging manufactured with rather varied combinations of polymer whose recycling and revaluation is neither economically nor environmentally viable by the means that currently exist on the market. ...Read More

Exhibition Reports


As 2018 gets under way, so does the quest for growth in the global fresh produce business. Asia’s diverse and rapidly developing markets present some of the most exciting opportunities. ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA is the best place to access those opportunities and expand your business in 2018. ...Read More

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