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About Packaging & Food

The Packaging & Food (PF) magazine is a specialized business magazine that provides information about the latest developments and technologies in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries. PF readers are widely distributed over various trades, such as wholesalers, importers / exporters, suppliers, manufacturers, trade association, chambers of commerce and so forth. The magazine serves as a reference tool in their projects to learn about the latest equipments and services provided by other companies involved in the Packaging, Printing, Plastic and Food Industries. It is circulated to the desktop of leading decision makers engaged in the above mentioned industries throughout the Asia and Middle East countries and is published on a quarterly basis (four times a year) in English language with the Arabic text presented alongside.

About Packaging & Food Buyer's Guide

Circulated on a yearly basis, Buyers' Guide is an annual serving as a bridge between buyers and sellers in the industry of packaging and food. Giving away freely at myriads of tradeshows around the world at all times of a year, it not only makes it easier for companies to have access to their potential buyers, but also save plenty of time for those who visit the tradeshows with the hope of finding the ideal products on their mind. By placing an advertisement in Buyers' Guide, companies can greatly reduce their cost in promoting their products with almost the same effect as actually participating in the tradeshows themselves. As long as companies make good use of Buyers' Guide, traveling and shipping expenses will no longer be a heavy burden for most of them. As a result, they could be highly cost competitive in the market. In addition to reducing the cost, Buyers' Guide also makes it easier for potential buyers to collect much more systematically the information of the companies in the industry of packaging and food in that they are all included in one book. The convenience it brings about greatly increases the opportunities for the ad of every company to be viewed carefully and repeatedly. Furthermore, Buyers' Guide in the meantime facilitates the cultivation of the markets around the world by sending the right information to the hands of buyers in a wide range of counties, which are generally considered of great potential, Asia and the Middle East in particular. With an ad in Buyers' Guide, opening markets outside your home country has become easier than ever. For all those reasons, more and more companies choose it as an efficient tool to help achieve their ambitious goals.

Circulation Areas
Asia Circulation
  No. of Copies % of Total
Malaysia 901 13.3%
Singapore 114 1.6%
Thailand 540 8%
Vietnam 215 3.1%
Philippines 252 3.7%
Indonesia 306 4.5%
Hong Kong 16 0.2%
Japan 12 0.2%
Korea 55 0.8%
Taiwan 148 2.2%
India 48 0.8%
Total 2607 39%

Middle East Eirculation
  No. of Copies % of Total
U.A.E 532 7.8%
Lebanon 664 9.8%
Turkey 218 3.2%
Kuwait 266 4.0%
Jordan 206 3.0%
Syria 308 4.5%
Iran 132 2.0%
Oman 230 3.4%
Qatar 180 2.7%
Bahrain 218 3.2%
Saudi rabia 998 14.7%
Africa 204 3.0%
Total 4156 61%

Viewer Statistics
Circulation by Industry

  No. of Copies % of Total
Food & Beverage Processing & Packaging / Manufacturers 4653 69%
Manufacturers / Distributors of Processing Machinery & Equipment 744 11%
Manufacturers / Distributors of Packaging Machinery & Materials 479 7%
Manufacturers / Suppliers of Ingredients, Additives, Flavours & Raw Materials 415 6%
Research Institutions, Trade Associations, Statutory Boards, Embassies & Other Related Services 334 5%
Storage, Handling & Distribution 138 2%
Total 6763 100%

Circulation by Job Position Total

  No. of Copies % of Total
General Manager Managing Director 2689 40%
Owner / CEO 1878 28%
Export / Import Manager 615 9%
Sales / Marketing Manager 549 8%
Technical Engineering 344 5%
Contractor Project Manager 415 6%
Professors 273 4%
Total 6763 100%

2019 Media Kit
  February May August November Buyers' Guide
Editorial Closing January 5th, 2019 April 5th, 2019 July 5th, 2019 October 5th, 2019 -----------------
Ad Closing January 10th, 2019 April 10th, 2019 July 10th, 2019 October 10th, 2019 November 2019
Publication Date February 15th, 2019 May 15th, 2019 August 15th, 2019 November 15th, 2019 December 2019
Special Reports Challenges in the machinery for the E+E industry Market trends for A&B label Innovations for food processing machinery Perspective of plastic packaging industry Distributed free in various trade shows. Buyer’s guide is an efficient guide for buyers to find what they are looking for, and it also provides a wonderful path for companies to reach potential customers. Its readers include both exhibitors and those who visit the trade shows. It serves a two-way medium for buyers and companies to strike a deal, and further creates a win-win situation for the two parties involved.
Materials Stand -up pouch: The balance between practicality and convenience Circular economy and sustainability in the packaging PET packaging in food & drink : An overview demand A sustainable metal packaging industry
Design & Marketing The impact of the smart packaging in A&B industry Neuromarketing & Packaging Nanotechnology applied to packaging How the shape of packaging influences the perception of sweetness and acidity?
Processes &
Packaging challenges in e-commerce Food industry: Become the co-bots or collaborative robots Risk of plastic containers contaminants - New challenge for food security The modifications of the production lines in times of change
Presence in
Trade shows
  • Propak Vietnam 2019
    (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)
  • Propak Asia 2019
    (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Propak China 2019
    (Shanghai, China)
  • Propak Asia 2019
    (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Propak China 2019
    (Shanghai, China)
  • Taipei Pack 2019
    (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • M’SIA-PACK 2019
    (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • AFEX 2019
    (Manila, Philippines)
  • Propak Myanmar 2019
    (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Allpack 2019
    (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Gulfood Manufacturing 2019
    (Dubai, UAE)
  • SWOP 2019
    (Shanghai, China)
  • Gulfood 2020
    (Dubai, UAE)
Media Partner

Exhibition & Conference

India Foodex 2020
Foodtech Japan 2020
Global Dairy Innovation Congress & Awards MENA
Blue Whale Expo 2020
Propak West Africa 2020
FoodPack Tanzania 2020
Hotelexpo Indonesia
FHTB 2020
FoodExpo Kyrgyzstan 2020
Propak East Africa
Thailand, Coffee Tea & Drink
Vietnam International Cafe Show 2020
Riga Food 2020
Cafe Asia 2020
Morocco Machinery & Packaging Expo
Morocco Food Expo
ARP 2020
PrintPack+Sign 2020
Pack & Print International 2021
Africa's Big 7
International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition
AIFE 2020
Food+Tech Pakistan
APPI 2020
VMF 2020
Hi & Fi Asia-China
Fruit Expo 2020
Sino Pack 2020
B&P 2020
APFE 2020
Corr Ex-Asia Expo
agrofood Ethiopia 2020
Kuwait International Agro Food Expo 2020
MIFB 2020
KFE 2020
ANFAŞ Food Product 2020
Cafe Malaysia 2020
IPF 2020
Hi & Fi Guangzhou 2019
ChinaPlas 2020
Food Pack Asia 2020
Printing & Packaging Expo 2020
Ethiopia plastprintpack 2020
iran food + bev tec 2020
iraq plastprintpack 2020
Nigeria plastprintpack 2020
plast aleger 2020
Public Health-2020
Korea Pack

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